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BLDC motor was called the future of the home appliance industry, it’s becoming more and more popular in home appliance OEMs. Most of the advanced OEMs in the world are willing to use BLDC motor in their designs.

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The advantages of BLDC motor:

• High efficiency. It can be controlled to always maintain the maximum torque. DC motor (brush motor), the maximum torque in the rotation process can only be maintained for a moment, can not always maintain the maximum value. If a DC motor (brushless motor) wants to get the same torque as a BLDC motor, it can only increase its magnet. That's why even small BLDC motors can generate a lot of power.

• Good control. BLDC motors can get the torque, rotation, and so on you want. BLDC motor can accurately feedback the target rotation number, torque and so on. The heating and power consumption of the motor can be restrained by accurate control. If it is battery-powered, it can be carefully controlled to extend the driving time.

• Durable, low noise. DC motor (brush motor) due to the contact between the brush and commutator, long time use will lose. The contact parts also produce sparks. In particular, there will be a huge spark and noise when the commutator gap encounters the brush. Due to the BLDC motor brushless feature, in the use of the process of no noise.


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