LED Lamp&Drive

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led rigid strip are mostly used in coolers, freezers, vertical freezers, cake cabinet, refrigerator interior lighting,  display stand.

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Advantages of our light

1.The structure itself is waterproof with better cooling instead of silicon rubber

2.No matter the surface of the lamp has fog or water, it will not change color.

3.Compare with silicon rubber lamp, our lamp is better for concentration of light and the illumination angle is 60 degrees

4.More flexible installation, triangle lamp can be installed in the corner, plane lamp can be installed in the side.

5.It has a very long life and can still light up after being immersed in water for five years.

6.This kind of lamp is used in 80% of the commercial showcases in Europe and has been recognized by the world.

7.Input DC12V, DC24V together with our LED driver, more safe

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