Electronic thermostat

Short Description:

The advantage of Electronic thermostat is:

1.Can realize independent temperature control, set the specific temperature, temperature control process is more accurate.

2.Electronic thermostat can realize independent refrigeration system, so that the refrigerator refrigeration effect is better, at the same time to eliminate the problem of food odor mixing problems.

3.Simple operation, LCD screen display the temperature clearly.

The disadvantage of Electronic thermostat is:

1.Cost is higher

2.The structure is complex, the maintenance is difficult and the cost is high.

3.Need independent power supply, increase energy consumption.

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Product Detail

Product Tags

1. Type of freezer

To be defined by Customer

2. Temp Control

2.1 Control parameter

l Temp Parameter

Temp range from -40℃ to 10℃,tolerance 0. 1℃。

2.2 Button and Display



2.2.1 Lock and Unlock by button

l Manual unlock

When locked, press“+”and“-”at the same time for 3 seconds to unlock.

l Automatic lock

When unlocked, system will be locked in 8 seconds if no operation on the button.

2.2.2 Compressor display

The small point on the left side of LED screen is the mark of Compressor  on/off , if the compressor in working, the small point appears, if not, the small point disappear.

3. Function

3.1 Type of freezer

Convert Between Refrigeration ↔ Freeze


3.2 Initial State


When the power is switched on for the first time, carry out self-test (all the leds on the display board are on for 1 second), and enter the setting state after the self-test, and the key is unlocked. The temperature display screen shows the current setting temperature, which is set as -18.0℃ by default.


When the power is switched on for the first time, if the temperature in the equipment is higher than the shutdown point, then start the power on until the temperature drops to the shutdown point.


After the refrigerator is powered off, when it is powered on again, it will run according to the remembered pre-power off state (including quick-freeze mode), the display window will display the set temperature, and the button will be in the unlock state.

3.3 In case temp. setting

3.3.1、Single Temp setting

In the unlocking state, Press the “+” or “-” button for a single time (press) to adjust the setting temperature up and down. Press the “+” or “-” button for a single time to adjust the setting temperature up and down according to the change of 0.1℃/ S (the integer part remains unchanged and only the fractional part remains unchanged). The setting temperature flashes and displays.

3.3.2、Fast Temp setting

In the unlocking state, the setting temperature is adjusted up and down by long pressing 3S “+” or “-” button. The setting temperature changes rapidly and continuously. The gradual speed of the temperature value is 1.0℃/1S(the fractional part remains unchanged and only the integer part changes).

3.4、Frozen mode setting:

3.4.1  Enter Frozen mode Precondition:Only when the setting temperature of the refrigerator is not higher than (less than or equal to) -12.0℃, can it enter the quick-freezing mode. Otherwise, it cannot be selected. Operation:In the unlocking state, single press the “intelligent mode” button, and the system will automatically operate under the setting state of -18 °. In the unlocking state, hold down the “smart mode” key for 5 seconds, and the display window flashes “Sd”. Stop the key, and the keyboard is locked after 8 seconds then the freezer enters the quick-freezing mode.

3.4.2、Exit frozen mode、Manual exit operation:In quick-freeze mode, after unlocking, press any key except quick-freeze key to exit quick-freeze mode.、Precondition of automatic exit frozen mode

l After entering the quick-freeze mode for 4 hours, if the temperature in the case is lower than -36.0℃, it will automatically exit the quick-freeze mode.

l After 48 hours of continuous operation in quick-freeze mode, the machine will automatically exit the quick-freeze mode and stop the machine for 15 minutes.

3.5、Display screen brightness setting

3.5.1、Display brightness is divided into three states


Default to high-light and dark-light transition state;

3.5.2、Turn Off operation of Display Screen

In the lock state (any state of the display screen), press the “intelligent mode” button for 3 seconds, and the display screen will be off

3.5.3、Turn on operation of Display Screen

When the display screen is off or dark. Press any button to enter the highlighting state. After 1 minute of highlighting, it will automatically enter the dark state.Press any key in the highlight state without any effect;

3.5.4、Automatic brightness conversion

The display screen is highlighted when in the setting operation, and it will be switched to dark light after 1 minute without any operation.



Single press Display

Temp Setting

Order of temp display when adjusting



Long press Display

Temp Setting

Order of temp display when adjusting

10.0℃↔9.0℃↔8.0℃… … ↔1.0℃↔0℃↔-1.0℃ … … ↔-38.0℃↔-39.0℃↔-40.0℃↔10.0℃


3.7.1、Temp Control

l In-case Temp Control

TS=Temp Setting,TSK=Switch on Temp ,TSG=Switch off Temp

When TS range is 10.0℃~0.0℃;TSK=TS+2.5;TSG=TS-0.5

When TS range is -1.0℃~-40.0℃ ; TSK=TS+2.5;TSG=TS-2.5

l The marking and position of sensor

Name Marking Position
Temp. Sensor SNR On the case

Sensor position

(Freezer Body)

u Position is only for you information, it changes by different design of case.

3.7.2、Compressor Control

Precondition of Compressor ON/OFF

Precondition for ON

Precondition for OFF

In-case Temp higher than Setting

In-case Temp lower than Setting

3.8 Perception function of failure

3.8.1 Display when failure happens







SNR failure

Display “Err”

Short circuit

or Open circuit


connection line


High Temp Alarm

Display “HHH”

When in-case temp is +10℃ higher than Setting Temp over 2h

Check refrigerating line

3.8.2 Control parameter when failure happens



Compressor work parameter


SNR failure(-10℃~-32℃)

Working for 20mins

Then stop for 30mins



Working for 5mins

Then stop for 20mins


High Temp alarm

Aromatically recover when in-case temp less than Setting Temp+10℃

4、Running protection

If the compressor runs continuously running for more than 4 hours, it will stop automatically for 15 minutes, and then continue to run according to the original setting.

5、Diagram and Install Size

Diagram  ↓


Size of the installation hole


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