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Automatic ice-making systems in refrigerators are becoming more and more popular.However, the design structure of ice making system is endless, and it cannot provide complete solution for OEM customers.But here, at Hopes Trade, we take advantage of our resources to give you the full range of solutions, even if you can’t design them by yourself.We can help you to finish the ice making system case by case.

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Specifications and advantages:

New ice making system: automatic rotating style which is energy saving, less operation problems with lower cost, ideal for automatic ice machine drive unit of refrigerator;

Standard condition for performance:

1) Standard test condition: Temperature: (20±5℃), Humidity: (45~85%RH)

2) Installation: Output shaft is horizontal, a body installation nail faced toward the surface.

3) Power supply: DC 12V

Ice maker by plastic which is new design and easy for ost proposals and solution, shorter process from R&D conception to final product.

Mechanical performance:


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